Why Radio Advertising is Effective

There are lots of reasons why radio advertising is an effective media channel...

Why Radio Advertising Is EffectiveRadio is Trusted and It's Huge!

90% of the population tune in to radio every week.

33 million adults tune into the commercial radio sector every week!

Radio is Targeted!

There are over 300 radio stations available in the UK for you to advertise on and you can target your audience by age, sex, location, music genre or time of day.

In the UK there are male radio stations and female stations, stations for all ethnic groups, ages and religions, radio stations for the gay community, talk stations, kids stations and foreign speaking stations!

If you want to speak directly to your audience, radio is the perfect place to do it. Whether you want to reach 18-34 year olds in London, sports fans in Scotland or housewives in the home-counties we can show you how.

Why Radio is Effective

Radio is Immediate, Mobile and Free!

Radio has done more than just adapt to the changing digital environment, it's embraced it. Creating apps for listening on the move, digital listening through TV sets, and listen again features through on-demand services. Radio is now more accessible than ever and can be responded to immediately which is great news for advertisers as radio is so effective.

Radio Educates, Engages and Inspires!

Content is King and radio has it in riches. Our radio creative team have the expertise to ensure that your radio commercial targets your audience with the most effective radio solution. We can help you create audio which enhances your brand, drives your message and emotes a reaction from your audience. Ultimately we make sure your message is as powerful as your radio planning.

In summary, there is no other medium which has the intimacy, immediacy and creativity as radio does, which is why radio advertising is effective.