Online Audio Advertising

Online Audio AdvertisingOn-demand music services such as Spotify, Blinkbox Music and Mixcloud are fast growing areas for advertisers to reach consumers.

As an audio advertiser these services have a niche offering placed between radio and digital space. We are founder members of the IAB Audio Council and understand how online audio works differently to a traditional radio campaign, but also how an online audio campaign can assist a greater digital campaign. 

Online audio operates with slightly different rules and each media space offers different opportunities and benefits. We can create a dynamic online audio advertising campaign within this space, or make it a natural integration of your radio advertising campaign and other ATL media.

Online audio is targeted, immediate and measurable which makes for a great advertising opportunity. There is lots of scope to get really creative too, through 3D audio and linking audio to digital assets in the form of homepage takeovers, branded playlists and apps. Our creative team are recommended creative partners of Spotify which puts us at the forefront of all the latest developments.

With over 10million users on Spotify in the UK alone, online audio advertising is growing and a fantastic opportunity.