Spotify Advertising

How Spotify advertising can be maximised - targeted campaigns, measured responses.

Spotify is one of several new online audio platforms that allows users to listen, discover and share music for free. Users can enjoy Spotify on computers, mobile phones, tablets and home entertainment systems which makes it easily accessible and a great opportunity for Spotify advertisers.

By advertising on Spotify you can take advantage of a highly engaged and active audience for music and social activity. Spotify advertising is great for targeting a specific audience by age, gender, location, time or genre. So if you want to target 30-40 year old females in the home-counties after the school run you can guarantee that your Spotify advertising is without wastage.

There are several ways to advertise on Spotify, from Spotify audio commercials to Spotify branded content to Spotify homepage takeovers. All of which can run as a solus Spotify advertising campaign or be part of a multi-platform advertising campaign.