Radio Sponsorship & Promotions

Radio Sponsorship & Promotions

Radio Sponsorship and Promotions take you beyond the spot and in to a radio station’s programming content.

As radio is "trusted" and "intimate" with listener's which means radio sponsorship and promotions are very effective at resonating with your audience.

Radio sponsorship offers your brand the chance to develop awareness with the listeners through association. Good radio sponsorship comes about through alignment between the radio station, feature and product. Specific radio shows have regular features such as travel bulletins, weather reports and sports news which are traditional radio sponsorship opportunities. There are also opportunities for radio sponsorship of bespoke or exclusive content such as specialist shows, sports events and live gigs.

Radio promotions give an intense frequency burst of activity which makes them perfect for high hits of awareness. Some radio stations have regular features that offer good radio promotion opportunities. Usually though, radio promotions are developed from an understanding of the advertiser's objective where an idea is developed to make the radio promotion come alive on air.

Both of these devices are ways of interacting with a radio audience beyond the spot and this can be extended to advertiser funding programming, events and outside broadcasts which produce excellent radio results.

This case study is great example of a radio sponsorship for a bespoke event. Our client Audible sponsored XFM's Naked Breakfast - a completely live radio show - which delivered great radio results.