Radio Planning And Buying Airtime

Radio Planning and Buying Airtime

We believe that radio planning and buying airtime is just as creative as your radio commercial.

We can plan your radio advertising campaign differently depending on what your objective is. Your radio plan can be functional (e.g - targeting a geographical area like Liverpool en masse), your radio campaign can be structured (e.g - focusing on the breakfast hours for a new cereal product) or we can buy radio airtime to be tailored to your creative execution (e.g - different radio commercial durations, place in radio commercial break, number of radio ads per commercial break etc.).

By taking a strong brief from you it means we can plan radio and buy airtime to hit your target audience utilising the latest research and tools.

Working closely with all of the radio groups and radio stations around the country gives us a great advantage in planning radio airtime closer to the programming at the heart of the radio station. Whether it's traditional radio airtime, radio sponsorship and promotions or bespoke radio features for your brand we take a creative approach to radio planning and buying airtime.

Accurate radio planning, cost-effective radio airtime buying and fantastic creative means you'll get excellent radio results.