How Much Does Radio Advertising Cost?

Radio isn’t just a medium for the boys with big budgets, as competitive costs make it accessible to all advertisers!

How Much Does Radio Advertising CostRadio costs are dependent on several factors - the radio stations you’re broadcasting on, the time of day the radio commercials are playing, the duration of your radio campaign, your radio creative and radio solution. In short, radio advertising costs depend on what radio results you want to achieve.

You might want to run a national radio campaign to launch a new product or you may want very targeted, local radio airtime. One of the benefits of radio is that it is a very cost-effective advertising medium, and by working with us we'll help make sure all the radio costs are giving you an optimum ROI.

We can help keep radio advertising costs within your budget because we only plan and buy radio so you can take advantage of our radio buying power. We have long-standing relationships within the radio industry and are privy to new opportunities first which make any radio advertising costs go further.

With radio the possibilities don't just end at a radio airtime plan. You can go "beyond the spot" with radio sponsorships and promotions, advertiser funded programming, events and outside broadcasts. Of course the radio costs associated with this activity will all be part of your budget and we'll advise the best solution to maximise it.

Ultimately there is a radio advertising cost but radio is great at making your budget, no matter what size, work effectively.