link.png A Week in Radio- 12.06.15

We are nearly halfway through the year! Where is the time going? New Years resolutions have long since been forgotten and the summer diets are in full force. As with everything else the audio news is also flying at full speed.

link.png A Week in Radio- 05.06.15

Is the weather finally turning? Or is the thunder and rain still to come? Unlike the weather we are reliable and here with our weekly audio news. Sit back whatever the weather and catch up.

link.png A Week in Radio- 29.05.15

Even with a four-day week  (we hope you all enjoyed the extra long weekend as much as we did!) the audio world is packed full with exciting news.

link.png A Week in Radio- 22.05.15

This week saw the release of Q1 2015 RAJAR figures and as usual the radio world was apprehensive of the news.  With 89% of the population tuning into radio weekly make sure you relax and catch up with all the audio news.

link.png RAJAR UPDATE Q1 2015

Corks are popping in Leicester Square.
Global has the top 3 commercial radio brands in the UK with the Heart network taking top prize for engaging 18 million ears! Okay 9 million listeners but you get the gist. 

link.png A Week in Radio- 15.05.15


Why hello! Let us introduce you to our new Week in Radio blog. It’s designed for us busy audio fanatics who may have missed anything from the past week. So sit back, relax and take in all this weeks’ audio news.


link.png RAJAR Update Q4 2014

The big news from this quater's RAJAR is the shift in the London commercial radio line up, KISS has taken the number spot for reach for the first time ever.
Notching up 1.912 million listeners the youth brand station is followed by Capital with 1.869 million listeners.


If you were one of the kagool wearing radio brigade anxiously waiting up for another 12 midnight announcement of the ‘mixed bag of results’ (RAJAR W3 2014), then like me you might well have felt slightly overwhelmed at the abundance of the statements of broad data facts hurtling through the ‘twitter-sphere’ like an out of control ‘Tardis’.

link.png How to Talk Like Pirate

Ahoy, Matey (Hello, my friend!)… Its’ international Talk Like A Pirate Day. Albeit a rather strange and unconventional day but one filled with and Avast ye (Pay attention) on this fine day we thought we could talk about stations with fitting and unusual names.

Now blimey (something said when one is in a state of surprise) Cornwall’s very own Pirate FM is the perfect station of the day. The station was founded on the 3rd of April 1992 and serves the whole of Cornwall. Ya (you) should take a look:

link.png Brilliant Radio Advertising

London was chaos this morning (5th Feb 2014) due to the 48 hour tube strike as commuters were stranded at stations and the roads were jammed. 

However there are alternatives and our client Citrix used radio advertising to it's full potential to promote its web conference software, GoToMeeting

link.png When Metrics Meets Creative

Actively blocking advertising messages by the use of Adblocker or other software apps is becoming frighteningly more common.
The high drive for metric based analysis and mass ad serving to deliver the ‘visit to serve’ ratio that your model demands may be the tipping point for many consumers.

link.png RAJAR Round Up Q3 2013

The votes are in and we can reveal that youth radio is the hero of this quarter’s RAJAR results.
While Kiss posted in biggest ever national figures at over 5 million weekly reach, Capital has been crowned the UK’s biggest commercial radio brand with 7.7 million listeners.