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Week In Radio - 24.10.16

New Report published by Radio Centre urges Government to protect local radio!

Click here to read about why this report believes that local radio is so important!

(Source: Music Week)


With 85% of recorded music revenue in Sweden coming from streaming, it has officially taken over Sweden's music business for six years!

Click here to discover how streaming has evolved in Sweden!

(Source: RAIN News)


Government appoints first director general for digital and media!

Click here to see who has been elected and how they intent to make Britain a world-leading digital economy! 

(Source: The Drum)


The first set of UK Audio and Radio Awards winners have been crowned! 

Click here to see the winners in all of their glory!

(Source: ARIA Awards)

Aussie's Unite! A series of radio networks merge together into one RadioApp!

Read more about the new apps launch by clicking here!

(Source: Media Info)


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