Radio Results Team

Our team are radio specialists and brings together a fantastic mix of radio expertise, skills and experience and the one thing we all have in common - a passion for radio!

Most of our team have a radio creative background which really sets us apart and means we can make use of one of radio's best assets - creativity! Combine that with the analytics and research heads within the team and we've got a melting pot of radio knowledge destined to get excellent radio results. 

Radio Results is partners with Red Apple Creative and SNK Studios to provide a full service radio advertising solution for our clients.


Paul Golliker


Paul has worked in the radio industry for 15 years in both radio programming and radio creative. He has worked with hundreds of brands to create brilliant radio commercial for broadcast across radio stations in the UK and abroad.

Paul has extensive radio expertise and works with the team to ensure Radio Results and our group partner Red Apple Creative are offering the best radio solutions to our clients on a daily basis. 

When he's not in the office you're most likely to find him watching the Grand Prix, running, playing football or enjoying time with family and friends (probably in the local pub).

"Radio is incredible! People love their favourite stations and are passionate about them, you don't get that with any other media. Radio provokes an instant response whether that's singing along, calling in or responding to a radio commercial"


Seb Juviler


Seb has a background in sound engineering and has produced countless radio commercials. He is also a classically trained musician and has written in music for  tv and radio campaigns. 

Seb's radio commercial production roster includes British Gas, Domino's Pizza and Paul Smith. Seb manages the radio commercial production output at our recording studio facility, SNK Studios

When he's not in the recording studio producing radio commercials, Seb enjoys good wine, good food (usually steak), photography and playing his violin. 

"Radio is in my blood, growing up my Dad was Program Controller at the mighty LBC, in fact one of the earliest photos of me is as a chubby youngster pushing buttons in one of their control rooms... now I'm a chubby middle-aged man pushing buttons in my own studio! 

As for the medium itself, I think it was Jon Snow in an interview recently who called it 'the purest form of communication', and who am I to argue with Jon Snow!

Radio removes the worst elements of TV and the biased nature of printed press to leave you with a direct, honest relationship between broadcaster and listener. Whether you're young, old, on a ship or in a war zone, radio can enrich peoples lives. As for music - from the Top 20 to Desert Island Discs, we've had glorious music and people's love for it expressed via one of the most important inventions to come out of the 20th century."


Kayvan Moghaddassi


Kayvan has worked in music and studio production throughout his career. He has worked on numerous radio productions and Spotify commercials for brands such as Kelloggs, Gap and Manchester Utd. Kayv now specialises in creating bespoke music composition for tv and radio advertising campaigns.

Kayv enjoys his live music so when not in the recording studio you'll probably find him in Camden, or down White Hart Lane watching Spurs.


Charlotte Plant

Business Development Manager

Having spent the past 10 years working in commercial radio from local radio stations to the biggest commercial radio group in the UK, Charlotte has accumulated plenty of experience in strategic radio planning.

In addition to radio airtime Charlotte has a big passion for radio sponsorship and promotions and the creatively driven world of multi-platform radio campaigns. These gives Charlotte a robust understanding of the radio world beyond the FM dial and has created radio campaigns for E-On, TGI Friday's and Laura Ashley.

Outside of work Charlotte enjoys horse riding, kick-boxing and a nice glass of wine. 

"Radio is literally everywhere, and there is such a huge variety to pick from dependant on your mood.  It sparks conversation, it lifts atmosphere, we dance to it, we sing to it, we scream at it to shut up, it makes us laugh, it makes us angry…. if you ever need company you can just switch it on and it doesn't cost anything!"


Aishah Amodu

Integrated Producer

Aishah joins the Red Apple Creative team as part of her BA in Media Studies at University of Surrey. Having her world awoken by the power of sound, she's fully converted from favouring journalism to the fantastic landscape of audio production.

Although it's hardly a surprise as Aishah is an enormous musicfan and helps provide us with some interesting insights into music discovery from amongst her peer group.

A plethora of useless facts remain in her brain, however the important stuff is always found on an array of post-it notes that decorate her desk.


Lucy McDonald

Account Manager

Working alongside the Account Directors, Lucy is the font of knowledge on all things audio. Her days are spent researching, planning campaigns, seeking out sponsorships, creating promotions and delving into programmatic buying for our clients.